“Lost To AIDS” Art Installation and Exhibit

November 30, 2018
Vashon Center for the Arts
Opening  6:00 pm


Lost To AIDS is a collaborative art project involving transmedia artist Peter Serko, Vashon Island High School art teacher Kristen Dallum and students in her AP- Studio Art class:

Lincoln Bleck – Ava Bostock – Elijah Daubenspeck – Madison Deck – Elliot Eades – Grady Earle – Zahra Fieber – Isadora Greene – River Gregorich – Sequoia Gregorich – Lauren Henley – Malcolm Henry – Paisley Lieske – Ashley McArthur – Georgia McWatters – Ravenna Nelson – Rayne Plauche – Luna-Bella Galliano Salinas – Helen White – Mira Zike

Gallery of photos of the students at work

Project scope:
  • identify and gather biographical information on one time residents of Vashon Island who died of AIDS
  • create artwork that captures the spirit of each of these individuals
  • merge that artwork into a larger art installation that reflects back on the AIDS activist movement of the 1980s and ‘90s, a time when art played a key role in mobilizing support and conveying the movement’s message.

The art installation will reside during the month of December at Vashon Center for the Arts.

Also involved in the project is Vashon High School English teacher John Rees.  His students will create “found poems” from historical texts of the era. These poems will become part of the art installation joined to the project post-construction as if they were “guerilla art”.

“Lost To AIDS” in part fulfills our commitment to engage and inform young people about the early years of the epidemic and the role activism and art played in bringing about changes that saved millions of lives worldwide.

ONE person can make a difference, YOU can make a difference, working together WE can make a difference.

Lost To AIDS Archive