Vashon World AIDS 2019 Events

Staged Reading: OUT!

Location: Vashon Island High School Theater
Date: November 29, 30 – 7:00 pm

A box of old family photographs prompts an unexpected conversation between an ailing grandfather and his young grandson.  OUT!, a new play by Peter Serko weaves an inspiring tale emerging out of the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, exploring the vital role collective family memory and history play in our lives.  OUT! reaffirms the capacity of hope and love to heal, and demonstrates the power four simple words: “listen to your heart” have to transform and inspire.

Written by Peter Serko
Directed by Chris Boscia
Cast: Dedra Whitt Dakota, Gabrial Dawson, Kevin McMurdo, David Mielke, Cate O’Kane, and Alma Villegas

Tickets: reserved at no charge online, donations accepted at the door


This Is What Activism Looks Like: The Activist Photography of Dana Schuerholz 

Location: Vashon Island High School Library
Date: Month of December
Activists played a key role in changing attitudes, policies, and regulations during the early years of the AIDS epidemic in the US. Ms. Schuerholz was a member of the AIDS activist organization ACT UP.  The library will display her powerful documentary photography along with artifacts from the activist movement. The exhibit will also include a film series.

Location: Vashon Heritage Museum Opening Dec 8th, 6:00 pm
A pop-up photography exhibit and presentation as part of the ongoing IN and OUT exhibit.

The Rest of the Story: HIV and Gender Equality in sub-Saharan Africa

Location: McMurray Middle School Library
Date: Month of December

Globally, 340,000 girls and young women are infected with HIV every year.  Girls make up three out of four new infections among children aged 10-19 in sub-Saharan Africa. Young women in sub-Saharan Africa are twice as likely to be infected with HIV than young men. 

The Rest of the Story… is a collaboration between 7th-grade social studies teachers, the school librarian, and community members with extensive experience working in Africa.  The program looks to assist students in exploring the unique social and cultural challenges of addressing HIV treatment and prevention on the African continent. 

Let’s Dance: A Musical Tribute To David Bowie

A Benefit Performance
Island musicians perform the music of David Bowie.

Location: Open Space for Arts and Community
Date: Dec 1 – 4:00 pm 

Tickets online and at the door
No money, no problem